Further start-up aids for nature

In the project LIFE+ Lippeaue most diverse measures are planned for the protection and the development of various animal and plant habitats and to convert the goals of the project. It is particularly important to re-integrate the river with its floodplain. Various initial measures were implemented, and Mother Nature helps with the rest!
The main actions planned are:

  • Unleashing formerly installed stones at shorelines by removing them
  • Removal of artificial bank dykes
  • Course extension of the artificially straightened and shortened Lippe River by the creation of a river loop
  • Creation of typical floodplain eco-systems such as standing water bodies, oxbow lakes, shallow ponds, which only temporarily hold water, and duney areas
  • Transforming fields into grassland including the extensification of the affected area
  • Partial re-water logging of meadows by removing drainage and by closing ditches
  • Planting of alluvial woodland
  • Attraction of visitors by building a lookout tower and ferry boat for bicycles
  • A brought concept for public relations including presentations, discussions, field trips, a  scientific conference, and other public events


The implementation of these actions is planned within four separate sections (measure blocks) and covers an area of 182 ha.

Das Bild zeigt die Übersichtskarte der Maßnahmenblöcke des LIFE+ Projektes

general map of action blocks: © Stadt Hamm, Umweltamt