Lippe-Ferry LUPIA

April 25th: Finally the long-expected Lippe-Ferry LUPIA is ready to connect LIFE and LIFE+ project. It is located near Schloss Oberwerries (Oberwerries Castle) and can be used to allow wanderer and biker to cross the river Lippe. By installing the ferry a bridge is build: Along the south bank the area is part of the city of Hamm (LIFE project), whereas along the north bank the district of Warendorf is the responsible authority (LIFE+ project).

The ferry is opened at daytime from April to October. The schedule is changing within the year due to the changing length of the day and can be checked at the navigation bar on the left side "Current opening-time”. During the night it will be closed accommodating the safety instructions; in the case of a flooding it will be stored outside the water.

Die Lippefähre Lupia

photo: Lippeverband

The use of the ferry is quite simple: it is not possible to ferry across the river by oneself; a least two people have to ensure the crossing by muscular strength. Steel chains fixed at both sides of the river enable the crossing up to a maximum of six people including bicycles. The use of the ferry is for free.

LUPIA was constructed within the LIFE+ project “Lippeaue” pursuing the goal of completing the existing LIFE loop road on the south bank. Background of the loop road is to “lead” visitors the way via the Lippe floodplain, whereas the ferry gives the chance of new perspectives. In addition there are information boards aboard the ferry as well as on both banks. Here the visitors can catch up information about the habitat “Lippeaue” and the LIFE+ project.

Finding a name for the new ferry it was up to the “Westfälicher Anzeiger“ (the local newspaper in the city of Hamm) to announce a competition open to the public. 357 (!) suggestions, an incredible response, were forwarded to the jury composed of representatives of the LIFE+ project, the Lippeverband and the office of public relations of the city of Hamm. “LUPIA”, being the clear winner, was named thrice. The reasons for the decision are quite simple: First of all, most names regarding the nautical sector are feminine, so as LUPIA. In the second place, “LUPIA” also is the Latin name for the river Lippe; already given to it by the Romans.

The first idea of building a ferry dates from 2008 within the period of filing the LIFE+ project grant application. The detailed plans date from a two and a half year span; Lippeverband and the environmental agency of the municipality of Hamm have been involved. The technical support, especially the safety system, was coordinated by the municipal works service of Hamm.

Besides the already existing loop road and the two observation towers the ferry now is yet another destination highlight in the Lippe floodplain. We especially want to say “Thank you” to all the people, organisations and authorities who enabled the project Lippe-Ferry “LUPIA”:
District Council Arnsberg, Lippeverband, districts of Warendorf and Soest, Arbeitsgemeinschaft Biologischer Umweltschutz in the district of Soest e.V., Fisching association Oberwerries e.V., agency for social engagement, Zukunftsfabrik, and all leading companies.