Welcome to “LIFE+ Lippeaue”

an EU Nature Conservation Project for the Optimization of the Link between the River Lippe and its Floodplain  

The project LIFE goes on in the floodplains of the Lippe!

In connection with our project “LIFE Lippeaue“ (2005-2010), we are now glad to present you the proceeding project “LIFE+ Lippeaue” which has a contract period from 2010 to 2015. This new project officially started on 1st March 2010. LIFE+ is supported by 50 % by LIFE (= L’Instrument Finanzier pour l’Environnement) - an environmental financial program designed by the European Union. LIFE’s aim is to optimize the FFH (Flora Fauna Habitat) area “Lippeaue between Hangfort and Hamm“. Another goal is to create further areas of successful and sustainable environmental protection in the floodplains of the Lippe. During the five-year period of the project, the local authority for nature conservation (“Umweltamt Hamm”) and its project partners Lippeverband, Arbeitsgemeinschaft Biologischer Umweltschutz im Kreis Soest e.V. (ABU) and the districts of Soest and Warendorf work hand in hand. The intention is to take different actions in four separate sections, the so called measure blocks. If you wish further information regarding these actions please open the link Measures of LIFE+. Until today, no measures concerning nature protection in the carefully chosen four sections have yet been taken within the framework of the preceding project LIFE. The current project aims at working together with the citizens of the region and at making it a good experience for them. Therefore, many activities within the framework of LIFE+ are planned. These activities serve to inform both about the current project status and about the unique nature of the floodplains of the Lippe right in front of the city of Hamm. On the bottom of this page you can find news on latest events. As the marsh harrier commonly is a symbol for intact floodplains with diverse habitats and a rich flora and fauna, it keeps being our trademark. We cordially invite you to come here to see the floodplains of the Lippe!