Marvellous that you are interested in Hamm City Libraries!

Where can you find us? What do we offer? How can you take advantage of our offer? Hamm City Libraries and their opening times

Central Library:

Zentralbibliothek, Heinrich-von-Kleist-Forum
Platz der Deutschen Einheit 1
59065 Hamm
Monday - Friday 10 am to 7 pm, Saturday 10 am to 2 pm
Phone: 02381/17-5751
Fax 02381/17-2985
Bus connection: bus lines: all

Branch libraries:

Bockum-Hövel, Friedrich-Ebert-Str. 23-25, 59075 Hamm
Monday, Tuesday 3 to 6 pm, Wednesday 10 to 12 am and 3 to 6 pm, Thursday 3 to 6 pm, Friday 10-12 am and 3 to 6 pm
Phone: 02381/17-5771

Heessen, Sachsenhalle, Piebrockskamp, 59073 Hamm
Monday, Tuesday 3 to 6 pm, Wednesday 10-12 am and 3 to 6 pm, Thursday, Friday 3 to 6 pm
Phone: 02381/17-5772

Herringen, Holzstr. 1, 59077 Hamm
Monday, Tuesday 2.30 to 6 pm, Wednesday 9-12 am, Thursday, Friday 2.30 to 6 pm
Phone: 02381/17-5773

Rhynern, Unnaer Str. 10, 59069 Hamm
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday 3 to 6 pm, Thursday 9 to 12 am
Phone: 02381/17-5778 (dialling code also for phone calls from Rhynern)

Mobile library. More than 30 stops all over the town
Detailed information: call: 17-5770.

Our media

Books and much more ...
240.000 books and other media are held for you in the central library, the branch libraries and the mobile library.

You could find the following especially interesting:

  • Language courses "German as a foreign language" in the form of books, media boxes (book + audio cassette; book + cd) or in the form of cd-rom (note: here is an extra charge; loan period: 4 weeks)
  • Novels in English, French, Arabic, Italian, Polish, Russian, Spanish, Turkish, Tamil as well as in the languages of the Former Republic of Yugoslavia (for some languages only small selections)
  • Children' books in English, French, Italian, Polish, Spanish, Arabic, Bosnian, Serbian, Croatian, Russian and Turkish (for most languages only small selections)

We are providing the following media in German:

  • Non-fiction books and professional books for school, job, further education, everyday life, hobby and leisure
  • Reference books for all subject fields (directories, dictionaries, general, biographic and technical encyclopedias, legal files)
  • Novels, stories, poems, dramas, biographies
  • Children's books
  • Newspapers, magazines and periodicals (12 national and international newspapers), magazines and periodicals (approx. 200 subscriptions, in English eg Newsweek); nearly all issues can be lent out; some periodicals of major importance are bound and collected)
  • Video cassettes (children's video, filmed literature on video, also in English and French, non-fiction video in the subject fields travels, sports, technics, natural sciences, arts, hobbies, everyday life)
  • DVD-video (discs, mostly films, some children's films)
  • CDs (from the fields rock/pop, classical music and world music)
  • Literature audio books and literature-CDs, a few also in English
  • Children's audio books (radio plays and music), children's CDs
  • Notes (classical music and rock/pop)
  • Maps
  • Games (board games, PC games for all age-groups)
  • Comics (for all age-groups)
  • Language courses (some with CD or CD-ROM)
  • CD-ROMs (CD-ROM and DVD-ROM for all subject fields)
  • Licensed databases to do research work in Central Library
  • internet workstations for all library customers, workstations with MS Word, scanner and printer as well as a multimedia PC for children aged 8 to 14 on the children's department
  • Internet workstations and multimedia PCs also in the branch libraries (partly in preparation)

How to get a library card?

To get registered you need:

  • your passport 
  • or a certificate of the registration office
  • or a certificate of one of the authorities, eg the job centre or the social security office, and your passport.

You fill in a registry card and get your library card immediately.
Children (up to 18 years) need a written assent of one of the parents/person having parental authority on the registry card.
With your valid library card you are welcome in each institution of Hamm City Libraries (Central Library, branch libraries, mobile library)

The library card is not transferable.

Our fees

Annual fee

16.- € per year for adult persons
10.- € per year for children aged 13 and above as well as for people with legitimate claim for the reduced fee, as for pupils, students, trainees, conscripts, persons doing community service, unemployed persons with certificate of the job centre, persons receiving income support, disabled persons)
free of charge for children up to 12 years

Family fee (parent(s) plus children living in the same household): 25.- € per year

Day fee: 4.- € 

Fines for overdues

Media returned or renewed too late are chargeable:
a) per item per week (starting the first day after the date of return: 1.- € plus postage plus media fees
b) in case of recorded delivery (= 3. overdue notice): plus 2.- € + postage

Three renewals are allowed, but only if there are no holds or reserves on the item. You can renew your items also by phone during the opening hours of the libraries; call 17-5751 for the Central Library (or the number of the branches).
Each time you borrow a media item, you will get a date due receipt, indicating the day you should return the items to the library.


Library management: , phone 17-5752
Central library: , phone 17-5754
Branch libraries and mobile library: , phone 17-5769
Stock management: , phone 17-5766
Children's and youth library: , phone 17-5760
Webmaster: , phone 17-5759
Function room rental: Carsten Neumann (VHS) , phone 17-5602